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Three Service Phases: One Trusted Advisor


AFSI’s experience-driven approach to logistics software services is divided into three distinct “phases” or containers, which helps keep our collaborative efforts organized and proceeding in a timely manner.

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Needs Analysis

Software Sourcing

Training & Go-Live Support

In Phase 1 of the project, AFSI will meet with your management group and/or operations team to perform an in-depth needs analysis, the goal of which is to identify and evaluate your freight management software needs.

During this stage of the process, we put our decades of experience to work for your business, uncovering the limitations and shortfalls of your legacy system, and developing a list of potential alternatives. Having pinpointed the real and perceived gap(s) between “what is” and “what should/could be”, AFSI will present your team with a working document outlining our findings, suggestions, and actionable guidance that will collectively “feed” Software Sourcing – Phase 2 of the project.

Finding the right software for your logistics company can be a very time-consuming and daunting experience.  However, armed with the outputs of our needs analysis and decades of knowledge and experience, AFSI and your team will be better equipped to tackle Phase 2, where we’ll weed through the multitude of logistics software options and handpick a short list of solutions that would be well-suited to the needs of your particular company.

At the conclusion of this stage, we update the working document with our detailed advice, and will even procure quotations at your request.

We know what a big decision it is to change your company’s software. Not only will the change affect your operations but it will also affect your profits in a positive way.  The switch should be as seamless and painless to your customers as possible, the only affects they should feel is business application improvements for them. 

AFSI makes it a priority to ensure a smooth transition during your implementation process. We will provide training to your super users or operations personnel.  Even after implementation, we will continue to work with you to provide on-going training to ensure your company continues to realize the productivity gains.

Targeted Services


In concert with the three main service phases, AFSI also offers Business Process Reengineering (BPR) services, whereby your company’s existing workflows and SOPs are evolved to better complement your new logistics software system and deliver greater productivity gains than you’d achieve with new software alone.

Please contact us today to learn more about AFSI’s BPR services and what we can do for your logistics business!