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Get to know your international logistics software advisor: AFSI

Years of Customs/Freight Forwarding Experience

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We Know the Industry

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, AFSI’s expertise extends far beyond one particular software system, encompassing four key lines of business: International Air & Ocean Freight, USA & Canadian Customs, Domestic Trucking, and Warehousing.

Having successfully managed multiple software conversions, AFSI has the knowledge and understanding needed to help prepare your company for the inevitable changes that emerge with this transition. At AFSI, we start asking the right questions early on to “cut through the fat” and pinpoint your company’s logistics software needs. At AFSI, we know your industry and we speak your language.

Years of Excellence in Freight Forwarding / Logistics Industry

We Know CargoWise One

In addition to industry know-how, AFSI has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the WiseTech Global line of logistics software products, including the flagship CargoWise One system, and proudly bears the dual distinction of CargoWise Certified Professional (CCP) and WiseService Partner (WSP).

Where others get bogged down in the technical jargon and IT considerations, AFSI is unique in that it views the system from a business software application perspective.AFSI’s industry knowledge + CargoWise One knowledge = Superior competitive advantage and CargoWise One productivity gains for your business.

We Understand the Enormity

We also appreciate and understand the enormity of the decision to change and the time involved to make the change.  Change can be difficult but the rewards are great.  Let us help you determine the gaps in your current operating system and learn what you need and what you want.

Let AFSI manage the training and guide you through the implementation project to ensure your company is ready for the “go-live” day. And afterwards, let AFSI continue to provide you with ongoing support after the change-over, delivering to your business a continuous stream of value – in the form of strategically planned optimizations – for years to come.

We Understand the Rewards

Applied Freight Solutions and its network of trusted colleagues are confident that we can help reduce the stress of a software change and help you realize the profit and productivity gains you should see from an enterprise-level system change.

For small and medium sized companies, changing software vendors can be daunting, but under the proper guidance of a seasoned advisor and with the full commitment of your team, this inherently risky venture will help your logistics business realize massive rewards.