Applied Freight Solutions            

Freight Industry Experts, Applying Software Applications 


  • Are you a small or medium sized freight frowarder or logistics provider?
  • Do you have an old operating system that no longer meets your needs and/or your client's needs?
  • Do you want to look at other software solutions but you just don't have the time?

WE CAN HELP........

If you are a small or medium sized freight/logistics provider, you will receive unparalleled service from Applied Freight Solutions Inc. (AFSI). Our business is dedicated to helping you find what you need in a freight operating software, find the gaps in your current software and find software solutions to meet your current and future needs.  When you choose to change your software company, we will help you navigate the training and migration process.  We will be an extension of your company. We work hard to make sure that we always satisfy your needs.

We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. We know that the only way we can become a successful business is by making you happy. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional services by choosing Applied Freight Solutions Inc.